About Us

The company was first started in 1987 as a contract splicing company called Proctor Splicing.  We continued as a sole proprietorship until we incorporated in 1997.

The corporation was named Proctor Company Incorporated.  This name and structure are in place today.

The company has contracted with the main telephone companies over the years in construction, central office installation, engineering, project management, and consulting.

Over the last ten years, we have developed into a consulting company.

By utilizing our experience with internet media technology, Inside Plant, and Outside Plant construction and engineering, we are able to help beyond the large corporate infrastructures, to smaller needs that still require the knowledge of DC Power for off-grid and offshore needs.

We try to find out what the customer wants, in each customer’s space, then customize a solution for the need presented to us.

We have made changes to our own company’s core mission.  With the untimely death of one of the co-founders, we have put a strong focus on core beliefs that are family-oriented and environmentally sound.

Our company has for many years worked in rural areas and has a true appreciation for maintaining a strong and ethical stance towards the environment to maintain sustainability for the future.

We have set our direction in helping others with their lifestyle and needs, which is healthier and more resilient. 

Thank you,

David Proctor

Co-Founder: Proctor Company Incorporated